Joel Burg, 14th OVI Re-enactor

I listened to Joel Burg discuss Fulton County’s involvement in the Civil War on Sunday, March 7th at the Lyons Christian Church. Burg dressed as the unit’s surgeon and displayed reproduction equipment used during the period. He discussed efforts by folks at home through the efforts of the Christian Commission. Our county citizens would have coordinated their efforts through the office in Toledo. After the lecture, I met Joel, and invited him to be involved in our project.

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We Need You!

This statue, built by the founding members of our historical society, sits just east of the Fulton County Museum, where "Hell & Homefront" will be located.

We, the Fulton County Historical Society are proud to announce that we have been awarded a $1,500.00 research grant from the Ohio Humanities Council for our future contributions to the State of Ohio’s “Ohio Civil War 150” commemoration (2011-2015).

 “Hell & Homefront: Civil War through Fulton County Eyes” will be a five year project, containing exhibits, educational programs, and a publication on the history of Fulton County from 1861 – 1865—not a glorification of war, or particular battles, but the viewpoints of Fulton County citizens, both on the battle field, and those left behind at home.  Our museum’s unique collection of artifacts, documents, and books will be the centerpiece for this project.

We are scouring the web for anyone who might have information about this local history, or ideas about how we should commemorate this important time period in history. With the aid of project scholar, John Swearingen, Jr. and this blog, we will present our findings in a series of free lectures at three area public libraries and an on-line audio-visual presentation in the spring.

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Introducing “Hell & Homefront: Civil War Through Fulton County Eyes

As part of the State of Ohio’s “Ohio Civil War 150” commemoration (2011-2015), this is the groundwork for a series of fresh and innovative exhibitions, programs and publications by the Fulton County Historical Society. These educational methods will introduce to county residents (and a broad audience of visitors) the local residents of 1860-1865 that they have never met. Visitors will be transported through time to local and national places, and presented with ideas about a shared humanity that may have never crossed their minds.

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